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Ammo, Inc. STREAK .45 ACP 230 grain Tracer-Like Jacketed Hollow Point Brass Cased

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Home-defense is all about preparation, and Ammo, Inc. STREAK .45 ACP 230gr Tracer-Like Jacketed Hollow Point Pistol Ammunition is an innovative upgrade that provides visual bullet feedback so that you can see where your shots land, even at night. This 45 ACP Ammunition from Ammo, Inc. features exclusive technology that illuminates the rear of each bullet without generating a flame, resulting in non-incendiary bullets that are safe for indoor range use. Using the laser-like tracers left behind, you can instantly adjust your aim to ensure your next shot is 100{37fe2bf41b4fbeadf460a547fd477841182527aac0e1223e2bd813d4b4e2fa37} accurate. Make sure you’re prepared to defend yourself by grabbing some Ammo, Inc. STREAK 45 ACP 230gr JHP Visual Handgun Ammo for your arsenal.

Specifications for Ammo, Inc. STREAK .45 ACP 230-grain Tracer-Like Jacketed Hollow Point Brass Cased Centerfire Visual Pistol Ammunition:

Caliber:.45 ACP
Number of Rounds:500/1000
Bullet Type:Tracer-Like Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)
Bullet Weight:230 grain
Cartridge Case Material:Brass
Muzzle Velocity:920 ft/s
Primer Location:Centerfire

Features of Ammo, Inc. STREAK .45 ACP 230gr. JHP Red Pistol Ammunition – 20 Rounds

  • Patented technology allows the shooter to keep a visual on the projectile’s path toward its target
  • Next Generation, nonflammable visual tracer-style ammunition – because it is not an incendiary round, it’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Features HyperClean Technology up to 50{37fe2bf41b4fbeadf460a547fd477841182527aac0e1223e2bd813d4b4e2fa37} less cleaning time
  • Increase shooting enjoyment and accuracy

Package Contents:

  • Ammo, Inc. STREAK .45 ACP 230gr. JHP Red Pistol Ammunition

500 Rounds, 1000 Rounds

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